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JULY 8, 2008
Chicken Feathers by Joy Cowley
It is difficult to get your parents and friends to believe that your pet chicken can talk, especially when she only talks to you.  Josh's hen, Semolina, knows how eggs are being stolen from henhouse # 3, but she will only divulge the details in return for supplies of homebrew made by Josh's grandmother who has come to live on the farm temporarily while his mother is in the hospital, hoping to prevent the miscarriage of a much-desired baby.  Matters come to a head when blood and feathers are discovered during a search for Semolina who has gone missing.  Josh is only somewhat comforted by the support he receives at her funeral, missing as he does her outspoken, hilarious reflections on life.  Events conspire to lead to a happy ending with all crises resolved.  This is a quickly read, humorously illustrated book well-suited to those in grades 3 - 6.

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