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AUGUST 8, 2006
Theodore Roosevelt: Champion of the America Spirit by Betsy Harvey Kraft
This is a well written and easy-to-read biography of Theodore Roosevelt crammed full of details of his life and accomplishments from early childhood until his death in 1919. A very charismatic character his daughter referred to as "the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral", this book will overwhelm you with the amount of energy and drive Roosevelt possessed. What I found interesting was that it shows how contradictory his life was. For instance, despite his priviledged upbringing, he chose the "lowly" profession of politics as his way of life. Despite being a huge advocate for conservation and nature, he was a huge hunter. He was a Republican that often alienated his party and fought against the very people that helped him attain office. It uses photographs throughout and includes a table of contents, timeline and index. Suitable for children in grades 5-12.

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