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AUGUST 3, 2006
Caring Animals and Animal Rescuers by Rosanna Hansen
The first part of this non-fiction book is about caring animals and tells the stories of four different animals that have specific jobs helping people who cannot help themselves. These include Endal, an assistance dog who lives with a paralyzed man, Cuddles the guide horse that helps a blind man, Gizmo the monkey who also helps a paralyzed man, and the dolphin Duke who works with disabled children needing physical therapy. The second part of the book tells the stories of four animal rescuers. The first story tells of a dog named Ginny that rescues stray cats. The second is the story of Scarlett the cat, who rescued her kittens from a burning building. The third is about LuLu the pot-bellied pig who ran to get help when her owner was having a heart attack. The fourth tells of Salty the dog who guided his blind master out of one of the Twin Towers prior to its collapse. This book is full of color illustrations that kids will pore over. It’s a great choice for the animal lovers in grades K-5.

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