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MAY 10, 2008
Jazz by Walter Dean Myers

This energetic and colorful book is illustrated by Myers' son Christopher who won a 2007 Coretta Scott King Illustrator's Honor for his success. Included are 15 poems dedicated to the children of New Orleans with the varying sounds of jazz depicted throughout. You can't help but get caught up in the rhythm.

'Cause the jazz that we're laying, And the licks that we're laying, And the dues that we're paying, And the blues that we're slaying Go screa----min', go screamin', go screa---screa---screamin' to the moon!

A brief introduction to the history of jazz is included in the front of the book with a time line at the back. The book is in picture book format making it appealing to younger children, but the text is better suited for older children with a higher vocabulary. Would make a great read-aloud for starting music discussions.

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