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DECEMBER 29, 2007
Second-String Center by Rich Wallace
Seventh grade basketball can be very competitive.  The competition is not always with the opposing team.  There can be competition on your own team.  Seventh grader, Dunk  has grown in confidence and in his basketball skills.  However, Dunk is placed in a second-string position.  Jared was always the "superstar" of the team.  However, due to difficulties at home, Jared begins to slip in his performance while playing basketball for the team.  This would be a perfect time for Dunk to advance from second-string and take Jared's place as a "star" player.  Something in Dunk will not allow him to do this.  Instead Dunk learns to be supportive to Jared.  Dunk learns some important lessons that make him a true "star."  This book is a great book for basketball fans.  This book is appropriate for readers in grades 3-5.

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