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NOVEMBER 19, 2007
Postcards from William by Betty Southard Stokes
A new spin on an old story!  Recaptured as a historical fiction tale based on the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Great Pacific Northwest, this book is written for the reader who loves adventure.  The story of the adventures from the trip is told from the view point of William Clark as he writes postcards to his brother, George Rogers Clark, back in Ohio.  The book is formated as postcards with spiral binding.  It is beautifully illustrated by Emry Quinn, who happens to be the grandmother of one of Oakwood's residents and a patron of  Wright Library.  The book is personally autographed by Emry Quinn.  This book is most suitable for readers in grades 3-5.

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me said, on Dec. 19 at 6:09PM
George Rogers Clark lived in a cabin overlooking the Ohio River in Clarksville, Indiana and, in later years, resided in Louisville, Kentucky at Locust Grove. He did not live in Ohio as the paragraph above states.


connie said, on Dec. 19 at 6:12PM
Just wanted to say that the illustrations makes the book...and emry is a great artist and friend...always very lively and loves telling stories to children...and this is her way of making things fun for the children.....I'm very lucky to have one of the books with her ever to a great person... connie


Other Kid said, on Feb. 2 at 9:13PM
I just want everyone to know the book wouldn't even be without Emry. Who gave her all to the illustrations. She loves creating and is a great friend to all who know her.. I wish she could have stayed in Kentucky.. Love always


the author said, on Apr. 23 at 7:28AM
I've sent an email requesting the error be corrected. It should read "writes postcards to his brother, George Rogers Clark, back at the Falls of the Ohio." The Falls of the Ohio was a channel route, low rapids, down the Ohio River.

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