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NOVEMBER 17, 2007
Arthur and the Minimoys by Luc Besson

I liked this book much better than many reviewers. The setting is the Midwest, sometime after World War II. Life seems quiet and simple, except that a man has gone missing for more than four years, leaving his wife and grandson, Arthur, behind. From reading his grandfather's journals, Arthur learns of two African tribes, the Bogo-Matassalai whose shortest member is more than seven feet tall and the Minimoys, with the peculiarity of measuring only three-quarters of an inch tall. Threatened by eviction for not paying their taxes, Arthur and his grandmother scramble to find the bag of rubies that Grandfather has hidden in the garden. Instead of treasure, Arthur finds a map to the gateway to the land of the Minimoys. Arthur, a normal yet precocious ten-year-old, must use creativity, bravery, and heart if he is to save an entire race of people from extinction. Committed to his quest and to finding out what has happened to his grandfather, Arthur agrees to be shrunken in order to join the Minimoys in their fight. A fast-moving plot with surprising twists and turns makes this adventure a delight. Suitable for grades 3-6. The "Pizza and Pages" group is currently listening to chapters from this book each week, and finding it to be both funny and exciting. They especially like that mosquitos are used to ride on and catapults shoot raisins in battle.

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