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NOVEMBER 7, 2007
Freddy and French Fries: Fries Alive! by David Baldacci

  If you are looking for some light reading and a funny story, this is it! This is the story of 9 year old Freddy Funkhauser, a scientist who likes to improve upon the experiments of his wacky inventor father.  Freddy and his family own the Burger Castle, a vegetarian hamburger joint.   Their main rival in town is the Pattycakes, owned by the Spanklers.  They serve real hamburgers, plus have an arcade and a roller coaster. It is now getting to be time for the Founders' Day parade, and the Funkhausers are trying to assemble an award-winning float. The Spanklers have always won and so this year, the Funkhausers are doing their best to win. Here is where the fries come in, with nanotechnology and help from a lightning storm, Freddy's fries for the float have come alive!  Each frie has a name and a very distinct personality. These fries help Freddy to pull pranks on Freddy's sister, Nancy, and on Freddy's enemy, Adam Spankler. Freddy and the fries, and Freddy's cheese cube eating friend, Howie, get into all kinds of scrapes. Will they win the float contest? Will the fries be discovered? Read this silly story to find out! And if you like this story, be sure to read "The Mystery of Silas Finklebean," with another adventure of Freddy and the Fries. Recommended for readers in grades 3-5.

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