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OCTOBER 29, 2007
A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat by Gail Gauthier
Brandon goes to Hannah Dufrane's house three afternoons a week after school until his parents get home from work.  Brandon is the kind of boy that would like to relax after school; maybe, chill in front of the television.  Hannah, on the other hand, reads many books she gets from the library.  Hannah loves to create with her imagination stories into fantasy play.  She wants Brandon to join in with her in these activities.  Sometimes, these playful activities can be very interesting!  Hannah creates spy games, explorer games, pirate games.  The only thing is Brandon never gets the best parts in these games!  Hannah's cat gets those parts.  Neighbors move in next door to Hannah with a little Chihuahua dog.  Hannah's imagination really gets things going.  You will have to read this book and see what happens!  This books is most appropriate for readers in grades 1-3.

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