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OCTOBER 18, 2007
House of the Red Fish by Graham Salisbury

This sequel to the award-winning Under the Blood-Red Sun continues the story of Tomi Nakaji, a fourteen-year-old Japanese-American who lives in Hawaii during its most racist period - the years just after the sneak attack on the American naval ships docked in Pearl Harbor.  Tomi's father, whose fishing boat was needlessly sunk in the terror-ridden days just after the bombing, has been taken to a relocation camp on the mainland.  Knowing that his father will need his fishing sampan when he returns, Tomi becomes obsessed with the need to refloat the boat.  Hindered by harassment from a vigilante posse, a strictly enforced curfew, and the hatred of Keet Wilson - a former friend, Tomi (with the vital help of a large assortment of loyal helpers) manages to keep pushing forward with his plan to somehow raise his father's boat.  This historical fiction adventure story written by a longtime native of Hawaii and starring a diverse cast of boys of many races with a light-hearted sense of camaraderie among them will surely appeal to middle-school and junior high readers.

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