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SEPTEMBER 18, 2010
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
In the final book of  “The Hunger Games” trilogy, Katniss has survived another round in the Hunger Games arena, only to find her home, District 12, destroyed by firebombs. Katniss and her family are living in District 13, once thought deserted, but actually a thriving underground community planning to overthrow the government led by President Snow. Katniss is expected to become the heroic face of the revolution, the Mockingjay, whether she wants to be or not. Meanwhile, Peeta is being held and possibly tortured in the Capitol by President Snow. In this book, instead of sending the Tributes into a pre-planned, televised arena, the whole country is an arena and all citizens are forced into the war. As complex and unpredictable as the first two in the series, this book is far more violent and doesn’t flinch when examining the ramifications of war. Collins doesn’t pretend that life in this world is easy or fair, or even that there’s room for hope, though there is always love. The love triangle of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale is convincingly resolved, and the book ends on a satisfying and believable note. Just like the earlier books, this is a compelling read. Due to graphic violence, grades 9 and up.

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Mrs. Sommer said, on Oct. 2 at 1:30PM
I enjoyed this book, as I enjoyed the others. It was definitely more violent and the twists-and-turns in the plot kept me guessing until the end. However, I thought the end was wrapped up a little too quickly, as if the author just wanted it over with. Considering the play-by-play actions of the attack on the Capital, I thought there could have been a little more detail describing the aftermath. Anyway, now we know the rest of the story.


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