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DECEMBER 13, 2006
Games: A Tale of Two Bullies by Carol Gorman
This book will be published in January 2007 and will be in Wright Library very soon. Two middle school boys have an affinity for getting into fights with each other to the point where school mates are taking bets against them. “Boots” doesn’t like Mick because of his perceived superiority complex. Mick doesn’t hate Boots; he just can’t resist the opportunity to instigate fights with him. Following the latest fight, the new principal, rather than suspending them, requires the two to play games together every day for several hours through lunch. The fights escalate to “dares”. Mick is dared to throw paint on the library and statues in front of it…of particular and sentimental meaning to him, an avid reader. Boots is dared to steal something from the music store owned by a man who treats Boots better than his abusive father. Both boys regret the dares but must live with the repercussions. Will the games allow the boys to work through their differences, or will the fights become more than they can handle? Full of heartbreak and betrayal, this realistic tale will give middle school readers something to ponder.

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