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NOVEMBER 28, 2012
Consumer Financial Information
The holiday shopping season can put pressure on a family's budget and also expose any of us to fraud and scams.  Last year we suggested several Web sites with ideas and educational material for protecting ourselves during this busy time and all year.  This year we offer a couple more: and

Both of these sites focus on how to protect your financial integrity.  They are concerned with money management, credit and debt, as well as protecting yourself from identity theft and other scams.  At you will find information sheets on every day financial matters such as bank accounts,  budgets, and credit cards as well as advice on using credit and avoiding identity theft. focuses more on financial products, such as mortgages and credit cards, so that consumers understand them and are not hurt by mismanaging them.

You might also want to check out the National Endowment for Financial Education.

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Morningstar Investment Research Center
The Morningstar Investment newsletters are no longer available in print.  Wright Library patrons can now enjoy access to the Morningstar Investment Research Center online.  This resource is only available in the Library at our public computers.  Research more than 23,000 stocks and mutual funds; build and analyze an investment portfolio; and learn about stocks, mutual funds, and portfolios.  Along with a wealth of data, there are numerous educational resources (self-paced course, articles, and videos) which will help you learn the basics of investing and make informed decisions.

If you have any questions, our Reference Staff is available to help you learn how to use the Morningstar Investment Research Center. 

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APRIL 21, 2011
National Financial Literacy Month
Did you know that April is National Financial Literacy Month? That’s right, there’s a whole month dedicated to promoting the importance of financial literacy and teaching Americans the basics of financial education.  There's even a presidential proclamation.

Personal finance education should begin at an early age and continue for a lifetime.  Wright Library provides many books and magazines in this area.  Below are listed some additional online resources.

In 2000, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, a national coalition of financial education advocates, began promoting April as Financial Literacy for Youth Month. In March 2004, the U.S. Senate passed Resolution 316 which officially designated April as National Financial Literacy Month.

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JUNE 11, 2009
Help in Tough Times

The State Library of Ohio has created a resources page for finding help in these difficult economic times.  The resources are divided into the following categories.

There are additional resources available at the State of Ohio Help Center, including  Live Chat to get your questions answered immediately.

Wright Library makes more resources available through this blog.  Check out the posts in the Consumer Information, Employment, and Finance categories.

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MARCH 26, 2009
Managing Money Online
Find other posts in the series in the Employment and Finance categories.

Continuing our series of posts on resources that can help you in tough economic times, we focus now on money management.  All of us can do better about how we spend money and a big part of that is being aware of how you spend money.  Below are tools and tips for managing your money.



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OCTOBER 30, 2008
Preventing and Coping with Foreclosure

Unfortunately, in these uncertain financial times some homeowners are facing the possibility of foreclosure.  Numerous resources exist to help homeowners prevent, as well as deal with, foreclosure.  A good place to start is Save the Dream - Ohio's Foreclosure Prevention Effort.  The following resources provide additional information and access to programs designed to help homeowners.

Local help

Additional Ohio resources include:

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OCTOBER 8, 2008
Investment Resources @ Wright Library

The following resource list comes from a handout from the Investment Resources Workshop sponsored by the Reference Department.  The Library has numerous investment and financial resources to help individual investors grow their money.  Reference librarians are always glad to assist our patrons in learning about our resources and how to use them.

Financial Newsletters

Investment newsletters offer a happy medium between educating the investor and providing direct recommendations. They cover various sectors, markets, and investment philosophies. Which newsletter you follow will depend on what you wish to achieve through investing. The Hulbert Financial Digest monitors investment newsletter performance and may be a good place to start.

  • Chartist
  • Dow Theory Forecasts*
  • Dow Theory Letters*
  • DRIP Investor*
  • Fidelity Monitor
  • Hulbert Financial Digest
  • Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors*
  • Kiplinger Washington Letter*
  • Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street
  • Moneyletter*
  • Morningstar Mutual Funds*
  • NoLoad Fund X (includes Mid-month Report)*
  • Outlook*
  • Personal Finance*
  • Prudent Speculator*
  • Value Line Investment Survey - Standard Edition*
  • Value Line Mutual Funds Survey*
  • Value Line Special Situations Service*
  • Value Line Selection and Opinion*
  • Value Line Small and Mid-Cap Edition*

*Online access is available in the Library. See the Reference Staff for assistance.

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OCTOBER 2, 2008
Investment Program
With the on going financial crisis, many investors and want-to-be investors have questions about what strategies to use.  The Library offers numerous investment resources (Find a list here.) and is offering a program to inform our patrons as to what they are and how to make use of them.

Investment Resources Workshop

Two dates!
Monday, October 6 at 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, October 15 at 2:30 p.m.
Join local Edward Jones financial advisor Bob Collins for general investing information with tips on using the Library's financial newsletters.  A Wright Library Reference Librarian will introduce other investment resources available at the library.
A list of investment resources available at Wright Library.

No registration is necessary for the program.  If you have any questions, please contact the Reference Department.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2008
Property Value Reappraisal
The Montgomery County Auditor has conducted a reappraisal of property values during 2008.  Tentative valuations have begun to be mailed.  If you are interested in attempting to determine the value of your property yourself, the following information will assist you to do so.  The Auditor's Montgomery County Real Estate Tax Information site has a wealth of information.  Begin with the 2008 Reappraisal Information page and Frequently Asked Questions.  If you wish to challenge the reappraised value of your home, you will need the Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property form which you can download from the site.

Property value assessments are most often based on the value of similar, nearby properties, i.e. what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for recently.  To see what the auditor's office thinks of your neighborhood, go to the Neighborhood Delineation page.  Once there, type in your address, then click the Data link in the resulting page to see a description of the neighborhood, including the average value of recent sales.

Another way to do this and to see more specific values is to go to  On this Web site look for What's Your Home Worth?  Select Single Family Home or Condo/Townhouse, then enter your street address and zip code.  A list will be returned of recent sales values for properties nearby the address you entered.  You can sort the list by Closest Homes or Most Recent Sales

These values are taken from public records, but if you wish to verify them, you can go back to the Montgomery County Real Estate Tax Information site and Search by Property Address.  Enter an address, verify it in the results list, then click on the entry to view details.  The Sales are listed in the fourth section on the screen.

Any questions concerning your reappraisal and the valuation of your home should be addressed to the County Auditor's Office.

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MARCH 25, 2008
Get Your Credit Report
Consumers are entitled by federal law to a free credit report every 12 months.  By taking advantage of this right, you can monitor your credit history, making sure that you are in good financial standing, as well as learn if there are problems or errors. is the only authorized online source for you to get this free credit report.  Be aware that many other sites exist that offer credit reports
, sometimes imitating the authorized site with or without intent to fraud.  Visit the Federal Trade Commission's informational site for more on this issue.

Here are some additional informational articles from the FTC.
Credit Reports & Scoring
Your Access to Free Credit Reports
Your Rights:  Credit Reporting
In some situations you may want to purchase a copy of your credit report.  You can do so from one of these companies.
Other sites of interest:

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NOVEMBER 27, 2007
Investor Resources
Information on companies and stocks is readily available on the Web.  Often a company's own Web site is a good source of information.  Look for an Investor Relations page.  Additional research can be done using the library's Business DatabasesBusiness Search Premier is useful for researching companies.

Check the market, individual stocks, or research companies with the following sites.  Although some content on these sites is reserved for subscribers, much is available for free.
Big Charts from MarketWatch
Wall Street Journal's Market Data Center
Yahoo! Finance
The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the securities industry/stock market.  One of its missions is investor protection, which comes in the form of investor education available on their Investor Information pages.  The SEC's EDGAR database provides free public access to corporate information.  Use the  Investor's Guide to get started.

The American Association of Individual Investors
is a nonprofit organization that arms individual investors with the education and tools they need to build wealth.

Various print investment surveys and newsletters are available at the Library in the Reference Area. Online access to subscriber content is available in the Library for some of these publications.  Come to the Reference Desk for assistance.

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