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FEBRUARY 18, 2011
A Year of Presidential Reading
We celebrate Presidents' Day on February 21st.  In honor of that day, we'd like to present you with a list of the many wonderful presidential biographies available at the library.   The books are listed chronologically, starting with George Washington and ending with Barack Obama.  In some cases, we've offered you an alternative title.   So, it is up to you -- read just one or spend your year reading through the list.   Happy Presidents' Day!    

1.  Chernow, Ron.   Washington: a Life
2.  McCullough, David G.   John Adams
3.  Hayes, Kevin J.   The Road to Monticello: the Life & Mind of Thomas Jefferson   
      Alt.   Burstein, Andrew.   Madison & Jefferson
4.  Wills, Garry.   James Madison
      Alt.   Labunski, Richard E.   James Madison & the Struggle for the Bill of Rights
5.  Unger, Harlow G.   The Last Founding Father: James Monroe & a Nation's Call to Greatness
6.  Remini, Robert Vincent.   John Quincy Adams
7.  Meacham, Jon.   American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House
8.  Lazo, Caroline Evensen.   Martin Van Buren  (Children's bio)
9 & 10.   Peterson, Norma Lois.   The Presidencies of William Henry Harrison & John Tyler
11.  Borneman, Walter R.   Polk: the Man Who Transformed the Presidency & America
12.  Eisenhower, John S. D.   Zachary Taylor
13.  Pendle, George.   The Remarkable Millard Fillmore: the Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President
14 & 15.   Miller, Nathan.   Star-Spangled Men: America's Ten Worst Presidents  (includes #14 Franklin Pierce & #15 James Buchanan)
16.  McPherson, James M.   Abraham Lincoln Te
        Alt.   Goodwin, Doris Kearns.  Team of Rivals: the Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
17.  Means, Howard B.   The Avenger Takes His Place: Andrew Johnson & the 45 Days That Changed the Nation
18.  Waugh, Joan.   U.S. Grant: American Hero, American Myth
Morris, Roy.   Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, & the Stolen Election of 1876.
        Alt.   Trefousse, Hans Louis.   Rutherford B. Hayes
20.  Ackerman, Kenneth D.   Dark Horse: the Surprise Election & Political Murder of President James A. Garfield
21.  Doenecke, Justus D.  The Presidencies of James A. Garfield & Chester A. Arthur.
22.  Graff, Henry F.   Grover Cleveland
23.  Dalton, Curt.   The Terrible Resurrection  (Benjamin Harrison)
24.  Grover Cleveland re-elected - free space
25.  Phillips, Kevin.   William McKinley
26.  Morris, Edmund.   Theodore Rex
        alt.   Morris, Edmund.   Colonel Roosevelt
27.  Anderson, Judith Icke.   William Howard Taft, an Intimate History
28.  Cooper, John Milton.   Woodrow Wilson: a Biography
29.  Dean, John W.   Warren G. Harding
        alt.   McCartney, Laton.   The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country
30.  Ferrell, Robert H.   The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge
        alt. Why Coolidge Matters: How Civility in Politics Can Bring a Nation Together, compiled by the National Notary Association
31.  Leuchtenburg, William Edward.   Herbert Hoover
32.  Brinkley, Alan.   Franklin Delano Roosevelt
        alt.   Feldman, Noah.   Scorpions: the Battles & Triumphs of FDR's Great Supreme Court Justices
33.  Dallek, Robert.   Harry S. Truman
        alt.   Algeo, Matthew.   Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure: the True Story of a Great American Road Trip.
34.  Eisenhower, David.   Going Home to Glory: a Memoir of  Life with Dwight D. Eisenhower
        alt.   Korda, Michael.   Ike: an American Hero
35.  Leaming, Barbara.   Jack Kennedy: the Education of a Statesman
        alt.   Bzdek, Vincent.   The Kennedy Legacy: Jack, Bobby and Ted & a Family Dream Fulfilled
36.  Dallek, Robert.   Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President
        alt.   Kaiser, David E.   American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, & the Origins of the Vietnam War
37.  Drew, Elizabeth.   Richard M. Nixon
        alt.   MacMillan, Margaret.   Nixon & Mao: the Week That Changed the World
38.  DeFrank, Thomas M.   Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford
39.  Zelizer, Julian E.   Jimmy Carter
        alt.   Carter, Jimmy.   White House Diary
40.  Diggins, John P.   Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, & the Making of History
        alt.   Buckley, William F.   The Reagan I Knew
41.  Naftali, Timothy J.   George H.W. Bush
42.  Takiff, Michael.   A Complicated Man: the Life of Bill Clinton as Told By Those Who Know Him
        alt.   Gillon, Steven M.   The Pact: Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the Rivalry That Defined a Generation
43.  Bush, George W.   Decision Points
        alt.   Woodward, Bob.   State of Denial
44. Remnick, David.   The Bridge: the Life and Rise of Barack Obama
        alt.   Woodward, Bob.   Obama's Wars

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