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Blogging LPL

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MAY 15, 2011
New Location for Blogging LPL
We have shifted our location for Blogging LPL to

Please join us there to keep up on the latest from the Lester Public Library and Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

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OCTOBER 24, 2007
Looking in the Mirror

Thank you for visiting BLOGGING LPL!

We have had over 12,000 views since we started this blog in June.

Don't forget to comment directly on posts, just like this one, what you like, or don't like about Lester Public Library!

Blogging LPL

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AUGUST 14, 2007
What Are YOU Reading?

Hello, I'm Jeff, Lester Public Library's relatively new Director (just hit my 5 month anniversary).

I know SOMEBODY is looking at Blogging LPL (thanks Mom!) and I would like to hear back from you.

So I will make it easy - What are you reading right now?

To respond click on the 'Add a comment' link below and type away!

What am I reading? I am thoroughly enjoying "You Suck: A Love Story,"  by Christopher Moore- a great summer read that involves young vampires in love, comic, tragic - heck, read it when I'm done!

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JULY 22, 2007
Praise from the Outside!
Michael Stephens made my Sunday by posting a snapshot of LPL's flickr profile on his flickr account!

Take a look: Michael Stephens on flickr

Thanks Michael!


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JUNE 20, 2007
PaperCuts - a model library blog

Library blogs are found across the country. One that has received many accolades from librarians and patrons is out of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.

Their blog entitled PaperCuts (click here and take a look yourself: ) has fresh postings daily on a wide variety of topics that library patrons find useful.

The Topeka library also has a blog devoted to teens entitled Graffiti (click here for a look: ).

Please take a look at these two very well managed blogs.

Let us know via a comment how we are doing here at LPL!

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JUNE 19, 2007
LPL and Social Software
Lester Public Library has increased its Web presence by utilizing what is known as ‘social software.’
Social software as defined by Wikipedia (a fine example of social software in and of itself!):
Social software enables people to rendezvous, connect or collaborate through computer-mediated communication. Many advocates of using these tools believe (and actively argue or assume) that these create actual community, and have adopted the term "online communities" to describe the social structures that they claim result. They are used inside organizations or by communities of practice/interest
The more specific term collaborative software applies to cooperative work systems and is usually narrowly applied to software that enables work functions. Distinctions between usage of the terms "social" and "collaborative" is in the applications not the tools, although there are some tools that are only rarely used for work collaboration.
Our direct links to these tools include:
These tools listed above are only the tip of the iceberg! Some others that may be familiar to you include:

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JUNE 15, 2007
Hey Two Rivers!!! We are going to Blog!

What is blogging and why bother... This is one more way to maintain open communication about what interests you, our customers, and what we, your library, has to offer.

Feel free to comment on this entry!

Let's blog!

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