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DECEMBER 1, 2006
It's Good to Have Friends!
Raymond and Barbara Holden started the Friends of the Richards Free Library in 1955. Their vision was that the Friends of the Library would help make the library even better. Over the years the Friends have funded much need items from shelving to books to new carpet. They have furnished the library with chairs, tables and drapes. They have sent staff to national library conferences. They sponsor the summer children’s performances. They make it possible for the library to try new technology…from fax machines, e-books, scanners, digital cameras and computers to M3P players. Yesterday was the annual meeting of the Friends of the Library and I am delighted to report that Barbara Holden Yeomans was in attendance. President Stacy Tyo-Bartlett led an outstanding fundraising effort and with a great deal of support from the Centurions (Centurions give at least $100) of the Friends raised over $18,000. This year the Friends will • redecorate and re-carpet the Sarah Hale and the Tomie dePaola Rooms • provide supplies and snacks for children and teen programs • buy books and audio books • underwrite speaker fees • buy new tables for ballroom • purchase membership in audio and video co-ops • replace the old listening center and headphones • add to the library book endowment

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