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MARCH 29, 2007
Harry Potter book cover released
The new Harry Potter book cover has been released. What do you think? Apparently (according to an AP artcile posted on Yahoo News) the book cover that will be marketed to adults has a photograph of a locket with the serpentine "s" which is supposed to be the "horcrux" where Lord Voldemort keeps a fragment of his soul. I'll post that cover when I can find it.

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stacey said, on Apr. 3 at 11:09AM
That sounds like the UK adult version. If you go to www.amazon.co.uk and search for "Deathly Hallows," you can see both the youth and adult covers. The youth cover has a very different feel from the U.S. cover, don't you think?


girlygirl said, on May. 9 at 12:13PM
Im not really into Harry Potter but everytime he gets a new book out I try to read it when i get the time this one looks really interesting so i think im going to get it and read it so i can truethfully say i read all the harry potter books


shakenbake said, on May. 13 at 3:10PM
i Cant Wait Until This Book Comes Out! It's Going To Be Sweet! The Cover Looks AWSOME! SO Cant Wait

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