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MARCH 28, 2007
Very touching picture book based on a true story
We just received Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine which tells the true story of one of history's most famous escaped slaves, Henry "Box" Brown. With just a few words, Levine manages to evoke such strong emotions about Henry's childhood and adulthood as a slave and his subsequent escape. This would be a great read aloud for older elementary students just being introduced to the history of slavery and the underground railroad...but I would really recommend it to teens and adults as well. The pictures, by one of my favorite illustrators Kadir Nelson, are beautiful and life-like. Nelson also illustrated Moses: when Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom, the new mutiple award-winning picture book biography of Harriet Tubman, as well as some other favorites of mine, Ellington was not a street and an illustrated version of He's got the whole world in his hands.

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kramer454 said, on May. 13 at 3:15PM
it looks like a very interesting book! cant wait to get it

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