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DECEMBER 4, 2009
Twilight fans might like Shiver

Teen novel, Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater, is like the romance of Twilight without the vampire battle scenes.

Grace was attacked by wolves as a child, and saved by a wolf with warm yellow eyes. The next several years, she feels an increasing bond with "her" wolf...and then one day he shows up, but in human form. She and Sam make up for lost time, while they also try to solve the problem of a new, unstable wolf that could threaten the safety of the whole pack.

I enjoyed this book to a point, but I also felt a little worn out of the constant expressions of love (just like I felt in the Twilight series)...but for readers who really enjoyed the romance of Twilight, I'd recommend Shiver.

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joa said, on Dec. 7 at 12:41PM
Just FYI...Shiver received a coveted 5 stars from the most respected review journal for teens, VOYA....so they really loved it!

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