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JUNE 23, 2008
Goodbye Tasha Tudor

Children's author...and illustrator, Tasha Tudor died last week...in her early 90s. She is most well known, maybe, as an illustrator who always included Corgi dogs in all of her books.

I highly recommend...to people of all ages...the biographical video you can check out from the library called Take Joy: the magical world of Tasha Tudor, which shows Tudor at her English countryside home, with her own Corgis, in her gardens, cooking on the hearth, etc.

She (or maybe her daughters) talk about the fun things they did growing up, including her mother creating a tiny catalog that their dollhouse people could "order" from through Sparrow Press...and then tiny packages would actually come!


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darlene said, on Jul. 23 at 9:24AM
nice job

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