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JANUARY 7, 2008
Inkheart, the movie, coming soon!

I was just talking with a young person about what a good movie that Inkheart (a fantasy by Cornelia Funke) would make...and I thought I had heard it was coming as a movie, so I looked it up online and it is coming SOON...March 2008!

There is still time to read, or listen to, the novel before the movie....or if you have already read Inkheart, maybe you want to read Inkspell, the sequel.

Inkheart is a very richly written fantasy about Meggie, a girl whose father, Mo, has a special ability to read characters out of books. However, he can't really control this ability which he has kept secret from his daughter until one dark night a stranger shows up to warn Mo that Capricorn, a villain who was unitentionally brought to life from a book is out to find him.

This is a great story for book-lovers, from the description of Meggie's Aunt Eleanor's home, a mansion lined from floor to ceiling with books, books, and more books, to the many literary allusions. Yet, the action and suspensful plot make this is a fast-moving read, as well.

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