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MARCH 10, 2007
The Cafe
One of the things people seem most interested in about the new building is the cafe! Nothing has been set in stone for it yet, but this is what it will probably be like:

Located just inside of the east entrance and near the meeting rooms, the cafe will have windows both to the outside and into the children's area. It will be a nice place for parents (of older children!) to relax while keeping an eye on their little ones.

In addition to 3 cafe-style tables, seating will also be provided by bar stools at a tall counter. Bring your laptop and pick up the library's WiFi while you eat/drink!

And as for refreshments, there will be 2 vending machines providing both hot and cold beverages.

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coffee lover said, on Mar. 22 at 6:58AM
I'm looking forward to being able to run over from Fisher's for a quick cup of coffee and a new book. Looks good!

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