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Category: research

NOVEMBER 7, 2019
California Fish and Game journal
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has published the latest issue of their journal California Fish and Game. The Summer 2019 issue has articles on Townsend's big-eared bat, Largemouth Bass in Riverside County, effects of river flows on Chinook Salmon, and predation by invasive Sacramento pike minnow. The journal is available for review at the Modesto Library or at

posted by John McCloud

Categories: California Department of Fish and Wildliferesearch


MARCH 31, 2017
DMV Research Report on Crash Risks of Certain Drivers
The California Department of Motor Vehicles has released a research report Crash Risks of Drivers with Physical and Mental Conditions.

This and other DMV reports are available at:

posted by John McCloud

Categories: researchDepartment of Motor Vehiclesaccidents


AUGUST 26, 2016
7th Street Bridge Project Environmental Impact Report
The Environmental Impact Report for the 7th Street Bridge Project is now available. A copy is available at the Modesto Library Reference Desk.

posted by Romeo Mora

Categories: City of Modestoreportresearch


APRIL 27, 2016
Corporate Practice of Medicine report
The California Research Bureau has released a new report The Corporate Practice of Medicine in a Changing Healthcare Environment.

posted by John McCloud

Categories: California Research Bureauresearchmedical


FEBRUARY 11, 2016
new California Research Bureau Reports
The California Research Bureau (CRB) released the following reports from 2012-2015.
Veterans' Discharge Paperwork: LGBT Veterans Say Change is Needed
Women of Color in California's Legislature
Better Serving Those Who Serve: California's LGBT Veterans Speak Out
White Paper: California Department of Veterans Affairs LGBT Veteran Leadership
Nanotechnology and Society: An Overview
California State Parks: Implementing Recent Recommendations Regarding Peace Officers
California's Women State Legislators: Historical Trends (1918 to December 1, 2014)
MakeHERSpaces: STEM, Girls, and the Maker Movement
An Overview of Men as Informal Caregivers
California's Women Veterans: Responses to the 2013 Survey
Researching Oil in California History
The Impact of Childcare Needs on Employment and Healthcare
2013 California Women Veteran Survey
Psychosocial and Economic Health of Older American Indians and Alaskan Natives in California
State Veteran Benefit Utilization
2013 California Women Veteran Survey
Sources, Uses, and Disposal of Water in Hydraulic Fracturing
Water Conservation in California: State Law and Local Enforcement
Aging and the LGBT Community
California State Parks: An Equitable and Sustainable Revenue Generation Strategy
Psychosocial and Economic Health of Older Asian Pacific Islanders in California
Housing Instability and Homelessness
2013 California Women Veteran Survey
Military Sexual Trauma
2013 California Women Veteran Survey
Health Information Exchange: An Overview
Psychosocial and Economic Health of Older Latinos in California
Pharmaceuticals in Water: An Overview
Common Pharmaceuticals in California Water
Reducing Pharmaceuticals in California Water
The Role of Aerospace in California's Economy
California's Women State Legislators
Psychosocial and Economic Health of Older Nonpartnered Women in California
Psychosocial and Economic Health of Older African Americans in California
Hydraulic Fracturing in California: An Overview
Californians in Media Occupations: Representation and Income Parity
California State Parks: A Budget Overview
Veterans and Educational Benefits: An Overview
California's Gender Gap in STEM Education and Employment
Immigration Reform and Unauthorized Women Immigrants in California
Farmworkers in California: A Brief Introduction
California Higher Education: An Overview
California Women and Incarceration: An Overview
The Minimum Wage in California and the U.S.: Current and Historical Practice
The TACPA Program: A Review of Current Structure and Potential Alternatives
The Technical Appendix (M-13-002) provides a detailed overview of the TACPA analysis conducted by the California Research Bureau.
Maintenance of Voter Registration Lists: A Brief Introduction
California Women and Employment: An Overview
California Men and Healthy Aging
Californians 65 and over in the Labor Force
California Women and Education: An Overview
City-Attorney-Sponsored Unlawful Detainer in California Part I: Mandated Information 2013 Report to the Legislature
Military Families and Child Care Needs in California
Californians and Aging Series
California African Americans and Aging
California Asian and Pacific Islander Americans and Aging
California Latino Americans and Aging
California White Americans and Aging
Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act: General Guidelines
California Women and Healthy Aging
Military Spouses and Professional Licensing
California's Women Veterans and Homelessness
HIV/AIDS in California: 2012 Update
Voter Identification: A Brief Introduction
California's Women Veterans Series
California's Women Veterans and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
California's Women Veterans and Mental Health
California's Women Veterans and Employment
California's Women Veterans and Benefit Utilization
California's Women Veterans at a Glance
CalEVDRS Reporting System Short Subject Series
Understanding Violent Deaths in California
Characteristics of Homicide: Data from California's Electronic Violent Death Reporting System
Characteristics of Suicide: Data from California's Electronic Violent Death Reporting System
Principles of Open Government: Transparency, Participation & Collaboration
Open-source Software: Value, Cost, and Supporting Open Government
Public-use Data: Safe, Secure, and Supporting Open Government
California's Women Veterans: Responses to the 2011 Survey

White Paper: Interagency Council on Veterans, February 22-23, 2012
California's Women Veterans: Response to the 2011 Survey: Preliminary Report
California Charter Oversight: Key Elements and Actual Costs
These reports, along with all of the CRB publications, are available on the California State Library’s home page under CA Research Bureau Reports (
Your library previously indicated that you wish to receive electronic notification of CRB publications. Please contact the California Research Bureau at with any questions.
Anne Neville

posted by John McCloud

Categories: CaliforniaresearchCalifornia Research Bureau


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