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MAY 30, 2014
Those Pesky ISBNs!
We have had some titles not accepted by Ingram because of a problem with the ISBN field.  The ISBN is correct & the title is available from Ingram, but when the ISBN was entered (either keyed in or copied & pasted) an extra space was added at the end of the field.  When the EDI order arrives at Ingram it sees a 14 digit field instead of the normal 13 digits (it's a machine, what do you expect?).  It doesn't know what to do with this data so it refuses this line item.  

If you are copying & pasting the ISBN, please try to copy only the 13 digits & try not to get an extra space at either end of the field.  If you do grab an extra space, be sure to remove it before you save the template.  

If you are keying in the ISBN, try not to add a space at the end of this field.  

The EDI function works really well & is a very efficient way to order.  However, the downside is that it is absolutely exacting and unforgiving of even the slightest variation. 

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MAY 2, 2014
Uploading Lists --Great News!

There is a way to upload MARC order records without loading the bibs in the catalog!
This will make a big difference to those selectors who were concerned about loading records too far in advance.  You can now bring in records as early as you want.
The only change is that you will not check the option to import non-matching records.

I'll put an updated page of the instructions in your mail boxes.  

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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APRIL 23, 2014
Uploading lists
I uploaded my first batch of lists today. I found it really useful when I uploaded several replacement titles all at once--probably because I don't put a lot of notes on that kind of record it was a big timesaver for me.

A couple of FYI things: there are indeed many more selection lists to upload to and when you start typing your initials, you get only your lists.

Mike noticed that you can put notes in your Bibz lists--which could be useful for you.

Don't forget to change the ISBN and be careful because it doesn't necessarily hold onto the change (the same way the line item doesn't necessarily hold price info).

I want to encourage you all to try it. I think as we get more familiar and speedier it could be a boon.


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APRIL 22, 2014
Selection Lists in Load MARC Order Records
I opened a call with Equinox to see if the limited selection list options was a bug or a limitation in the software.  While it is the way the software is written, the developers  changed our code to allow up to 100 selection list names to appear in the drop down menu when you are uploading your order bibs to a selection list.   They will be committing a long term fix to a future release of Evergreen.    

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DECEMBER 9, 2013
Circulation - Details, details
We are finding many books mis-shelved. I know pages appreciate our help sorting items in the paging room, but when we do sort carts, please take great care to do it correctly so that we don't contribute to the problem. Kindly follow these guidelines:

Helen and Sylvia use only the 2-tiered carts because they are lighter and more easily maneuvered. Please only sort on the top shelf and leave the bottom shelf empty - again to keep the cart manageable. Helen shelves adult fiction, Sylvia shelves J fiction and J non-fiction.

Adult fiction is shelved by author and by titles within an author. So,

Ridler is shelved before Ridley
Ridley, R. is shelved before Ridley, T
All of the Ridley, T titles are then sorted by title, so,
Ridley T: The Name of the Game is shelved before Ridley, T: The Name of the Genre, which, in turn, is shelved before Ridley,T: The Notion of the Game

Picture books are a little different.

The spine label only shows the first three letters of the author's name, but the books are shelved by author, alphabetized to the end of the name. So, for example,

Three books all show PUR on the spine, but you must look at the full name to see that
author Purl is shelved before author Purlman, who is shelved before author Purlz. Titles within one author do not need to be shelved alphabetically.

If you are at all confused by any of this, just leave the sorting to the pages! OR, ask a co-worker for a further explanation.



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JUNE 17, 2013
FY14 Funds
The FY14 funds have been created and appropriations have been applied.
When you are adding orders, you will now see the FY14 funds along with the FY13 funds.  Unfortunately, for a few weeks, there will be a long list of funds as the FY13 funds must stay active until all invoices dated prior to July 1 can be paid and we close the fiscal year.

If you are preparing records to order after July 1, please be sure to select the fund code with the prefix 4.

Also, it is very important that you review your wishlists carefully and change any records where you have already added copies and fund codes.  If you have items in your wishlists for which you have applied an FY13 fund code, please change it to the corresponding FY14 code.  I know this is tedious, especially if you have a long wishlist, but this is the only way to catch orders from being activated with the incorrect fund code.  Once the order is activated, there is no way to apply the charge to another fund.

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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MARCH 15, 2013
Reminders for Selectors
The acquisitions process is working very well and selectors are doing an excellent job. There are so many details to keep track of and as everyone is now very comfortable with using the acquisitions module it's easy to skip or overlook a few things.

So, just two quick reminders:
    When adding a new title to a selection list, do a thorough search in the Acquisitions General Search interface.  Search title, author and ISBN; exhaust all possibilities before you add the record.  Remember that searching in Evergreen is unforgiving of spelling errors,  and doesn't handle punctuation well.

    When adding a title that has holds, add the title to the Ingram wildcat to order list.  If a hold is added to a title that is already in your selection list, after making that line item order-ready, move it to the wildcat order list.


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AUGUST 23, 2012
FY12 Funds
Now that all invoices will be paid in FY13, I've made all the FY12 funds inactive so that they'll no longer appear in the list of funds when you are adding your copy information. 

I'm working with Equinox to safely close out the FY12 fund year and remove the old funds.    This is the first year that any library will be doing the fiscal year close in Evergreen so Equinox is learning along with us.

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JUNE 27, 2012
FY13 Funds
The FY13 funds have been created and the appropriations added; the FY13 funds have the prefix 3h.  Please be extra careful to select a 3h fund when adding copy information, once the line items have been added to a purchase order it is impossible to change the fund code.  The FY12 funds will remain in the system for the time being so you will have to scroll through those to find the FY13 fund codes.

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JUNE 15, 2012
New Alert
Per our conversation on Tuesday, I've added a new line item alert.  The alert code is Acq Note, it will say Acquisitions, please note. You can then enter any informaiton that is important for Mary to know before she activates the order.

Information for the cataloger, or notes about how to treat the item after it has been received should be entered as a note not an alert.  The alert Acq Note is only for information that is relevant to how the item should be ordered. 

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MAY 8, 2012
No Dashes in ISBNs
When entering the ISBN field in order bib records, please skip the dashes & spaces; enter it straight like this: 9780670023325.

The dashes pose a problem with the Marc records we upload from Ingram.  If there are dashes in the ISBN field, the Marc records won't overlay the order bib. 

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JANUARY 24, 2012
Fund Balances
Equinox has fixed the bug that was causing the fund details to be inaccurate.
A spot check of several funds found that the displayed amounts were correct.

A brief reminder of the meaning of the columns in the fund details display:
   Balance:  allocated minus total debits (invoiced and encumbered)
   Total allocated:  what you started with
   Spent balance: allocated minus invoiced (encumberances not included)
   Total debits:  invoiced and encumberances
   Total spent:  invoiced only
   Total encumbered: encumbered only (remember this shows retail price;
   what is invoiced will be less in most cases)

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DECEMBER 9, 2011
Searching for selection lists

Here's something I've been meaning to share for quite a while: I found a way to search for specific selection lists! Since all of our selection lists start with our initials, searching for your initials is a great way to bring up all of your selection lists without having to browse through everyone else's.

Here's how:

From the Acquisitions menu, select "My Selection Lists".

Look in the upper right-hand corner of the white part of the screen. You'll see a "Reveal Search Form" button, just like when you're searching for line items and catalog records in acquisitions mode.

Clicking the button displays a search form, preset to search for selection lists where the owner is acqselector.

Click "Add Search Term." In the dropdown for search field, go under "Selection List" and choose "SL - Name". Set the second dropdown to read "contains", then enter your initials in the text box and click Search.

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OCTOBER 28, 2011
Reminder about Forbidden Characters
Just a reminder when adding titles to you selection lists, please, please leave out the following characters:
   (plus sign)
    ? (question mark)
    : (colon)
    ' (apostrophe)

It's very helpful to Mary Ryan if she does not have to edit  titles before creating purchase orders.

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AUGUST 31, 2011
Fund Report
In the Apps\Evergreen\Acquisitions folder, there is an Excel file Fund Report Aug 31. It lists the code, spent balance and the total debits for each fund.

The spent balance is the balance of the fund, i.e., what's left to spend, after invoicing.  Spent balance does NOT include encumberances.

Total debits are calculated by adding the cost of items that have been invoiced and encumberances. 

Please let me know if you find this helpful, if you need more information or if you have any questions.  Note:  it is not possible to list debits by titles. 

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AUGUST 31, 2011
More Forbidden Characters!
The week before last I posted about the problem with the ? in titles causing the electronic orders to fail.  Well, that's not the only punctuation problem! 

We've learned, due to another EDI failure this week, that these characters/punctuation will also cause failure:
                                  (plus sign)
                                   :  (colon)
                                   ' (apostrophe)
 Preceeding these characters with a ? will release the character and restore the meaning, for example the title 2 2 would be entered 2? 2; a title with a colon would be entered ?:, a title with question mark would be entered ??.

Rather than worry about coding your title field this way, just ignore these characters when creating your records; simply skip over them. 

Don't worry about titles that you have already entered in your selection lists.  Mary will edit out these offending characters before she creates the purchase order.  But do start ignoring them when entering new titles.

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AUGUST 17, 2011
Progress Report
Everyone is doing a great job entering order records and preparing them for ordering. The  process has been working well.  We are doing frequent small orders which seems to be the best for both the ordering/receiving functions as well as invoicing. 

The EDI ordering with Ingram is  working smoothly for the most part.
There are a few occasional glitches that cause the order to fail or individual line items to be cancelled. 

Equinox says they are learning a lot from us!  Here is what we've learned so far:

1. If there are any spaces preceeding or after the ISBN the ISBN field will not send properly and Ingram will cancel the line item. 

The title can still be ordered, we order it via iPage (we add a note in the note field of the line item that it was ordered @ iPage & the date). but it does add a couple of steps to our process.  It has happened on a few occasions that most and in one case all line items in a purchase order have been cancelled because of a space in the ISBN fields. 

So, we would ask that when you are entering the ISBN that you make sure that you are at the beginning of the field when you start typing the ISBN.  Do not hit the space bar when you have finished entering the ISBN,  just click on Save record.

2.  If there is a quesiton mark in a title, the entire Purchase Order will fail to send via EDI.  Evidently in the software coding, the character ? means something other than a question mark so the entire process will stop. 

Titles that have question marks should be entered without the ?.  The title will display incorrectly for only a short time as when the full Marc record is loaded, it will have the correct punctuation.  This is likely a temporary problem and will hopefully be fixed in a future release.

Equinox was able to fix the overlay function so that when we upload the Marc records  most are now properly overlaying the order bibs.  That's progress!

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AUGUST 4, 2011
Provider LIst Updated
I've added two new provider codes to the provider list in the apps\Evergreen\Acquisitions file.
They are: holmisc:  Miscellaneous vendor*
                 holwsj:  Wall Street Journal

*The Miscellaneous vendor will allow Janice to pay invoices for vendors from which we rarely purchase.

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AUGUST 4, 2011
Successful EDI Launch
Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) testing is complete and we have successfully placed several orders from Ingram via EDI!  All Ingram orders will now be automatically submitted electronically via EDI.

It's a very cool, efficient process and we are very pleased with ourselves!!
Each Ingram account has a separate EDI account set-up in Evergreen.
When Mary activates a Ingram purchase order, it is sent via ftp to the Ingram server.  There is a built in delay before the order is transmitted to Ingram.  Ingram then transmits a confimation report with the status of each line item: confirmed, backordered or cancelled.

For backordered items, we are adding a note in the line item stating that it's backordered and the date.  If a title you have ordered hasn't arrived, check the notes field to see if it's on backorder.

A couple of titles have been cancelled via EDI but are in fact available at Ingram and have been ordered via iPage.  Those titles will also have a note in the line item stating that they were cancelled via EDI but ordered on iPage and the date.  I'm investigating this issue with Ingram EDI support.  

While this was a bear to implement and the testing was rocky, it is a big advancement for us and is one of the benefits of open source.  Innovative's electronic ordering module was way out of our price range.  

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AUGUST 1, 2011
Viewing Fund Balances
I have changed the permissions to allow selectors access to view fund balances.  It is not possible to  limit the access to view only, so the permission grants you full administration privileges to the funds interface. 

To view the funds:
            pull down the Admin menu (in the upper right corner of the staff menu)
            highlight Server administration
            highlight Acquisitions
            click on Funds
            select 2012 in the Year field

The training handout includes a key to the meaning of the columns in the fund details screens.

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JULY 20, 2011
Provider List
I've created a provider list that may be helpful for selectors and Janice to consult when ordering and paying invoices.  The file is in Apps\Evergreen\Acquisitions. (I renamed the file Evergreen help docs to just Evergreen & moved the OPAC help docs into a OPAC help docs folder).

When you open the file, notice there are two worksheet names at the bottom of the spreadsheet.   One worksheet is sorted by provider code the other is sorted by provider name.  This file will be updated as we add provider records.  I will try to remember to post here when I do update it so that those who chose to print the file will know that their copy is out ot date.

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