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JULY 24, 2011
Lakewood Library Loves...

The Lakewood Library staff is working at other library locations during Lakewood’s temporary closure. But we’re keeping up with our reading in our spare time! This is what we recommend to you:

Beauty QueensBeauty Queens by Libba Bray
What happens when the plane delivering the Miss Teen Dream pageant contestants crash lands near a deserted island? Luckily, Miss Colorado survives and is one of the main characters - but nobody beats Miss Texas. This is an extremely funny - and thoroughly perfect for summer - book.

The Elephant to Hollywood by Michael Caine
Caine retells the miracle of his escape from the slums of London and emphasizes the fact that he has had a second career when he thought the movies were done with him. Always, in this comfortable biography, he is a man with whom you would like to spend time.

InfidelInfidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
In this profoundly affecting memoir, the author describes her childhood in Somalia, her political years in the Netherlands, and her current life under armed guard in the West. This is a timely true story of an outspoken freedom fighter.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley
Ptolemy Grey is in his 90s and ready to die until he meets his niece's 17-year-old lodger – the only one willing to take care of an old man. The magic of their friendship improves both of their lives and is the heart of this moving book.

Russian WinterRussian Winter by Daphne Kalotay
A mysterious jewel holds the key to a life-changing secret, in this breathtaking tale of love and art, betrayal and redemption. This is a powerful debut novel about Nina Revskaya, a once great star of the Bolshoi Ballet.

The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron
Eli Monpress is perhaps the world’s greatest thief and also a wizard. When he steals the King of Mellinor, in order to increase the bounty on his head, things start to go awry. Humor-loving fantasy readers should also look for subsequent volumes in this planned trilogy.

Small Acts of Amazing CourageSmall Acts of Amazing Courage by Gloria Whelan
In this beautifully written and informative juvenile fiction book, saving a baby from slavery, befriending a young soldier, and supporting a bullied aunt are small acts of amazing courage that add up to a hopeful future for 15-year-old Rosalind and those around her in India and England in 1919.

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