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JANUARY 2, 2013
A Book We Love: A Voyage Long and Strange
Tony Horwitz’s 2008 book, A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World, is a readable tale of exploration and culture clash in the Americas. Horwitz follows the trail--starting in 985 AD with the Vikings versus First Nation tribes, and ending in the 17th century with “Squanto” and the Pilgrims. From Vinland to the Dominican Republic, to the American Southwest, Horwitz follows the trail of Native Americans, colonists and explorers as they meet, retreat, clash and (sometimes) meld.
Horwitz’s road trip into history is not without pitfalls: he is bitten by mosquitos, voyagehalf-cooked in a sweat lodge, staggers under the weight of conquistador armor and learns to paddle his own canoe. Horwitz perseveres–then shares his insights and hard-won knowledge with readers in an interesting and engaging manner. This well-researched and insightful book is by turns a light-hearted look at American history and a sobering tale of ancient misunderstanding and wrong.
Tony Horwitz is a best-selling author and winner of both the Pulitzer prize and the William Henry Seward Award. Other books by Horwitz include Confederates in the Attic,Blue Latitudes and Baghdad Without a Map. His latest book is Midnight Rising.

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posted by Jo, Golden Library



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