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NOVEMBER 28, 2012
A Series We Love: Home Repair is Homicide

Crawl SpaceThe 13th book of the Home Repair Is Homicide Series, Crawlspace, by Sarah Graves received mixed reviews. In this book, a serial killer is on the loose in Eastport, Maine. This does give the book a creepier ambience than some of Graves other titles in the series. However, I still enjoyed the book. I liked the development of the relationship between the main character, Jacobia, and her housekeeper who recently became her mother-in-law, Bella.

In Crawlspace Jacobia finds herself fighting for the life of someone very dear to her and, of course, she is in danger herself in the process.

If you enjoy mysteries such as those by Cleo Coyle or Mary Higgins Clark, you may enjoy the Home Repair is Homicide Series by Sarah Graves. You can start with Crawlspace, the thirteenth in the series or The Dead Cat Bounce, the first in the series. Graves does a good job of describing pertinent previous events in each book, so you can really start anywhere in the series. If you only want to read one, you may want to read the most recent; Dead Level.

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posted by Rene, Evergreen Library



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