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NOVEMBER 19, 2012

Over 160 years since he became President, Abraham Lincoln continues to fascinate Americans.  While his status as vampire hunter may be in question, there is no doubt that this month’s debut of the film Lincoln has increased interest once again. 
By some estimates, over 15,000 Lincoln biographies have been written.  Here at JCPL, we’d like to help you narrow down your choices to what we think are a few of the best.

Lincoln by David Herbert Donald
Written by a historian of the Civil War and Reconstruction period and considered by some to be the best single-volume account of Lincoln’s life.

Battle Cry of Freedom  by James McPherson
This Pulitzer Prize winning tale of the Civil War provides insight into Lincoln’s strategies and conflicts at that time.

Rise to Greatness: Abraham Lincoln and America’s Most Perilous Year by David Von Drehle
A newly published account of Lincoln and the events of 1862, a year the author asserts as the most pivotal in the outcome of the Civil War.

A.Lincoln by Ronald C. White Jr.
A comprehensive, yet readable biography which draws heavily from Lincoln’s private papers. 


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posted by Katie, Arvada Library


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