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OCTOBER 19, 2012
A Book We Love: The Master and Margarita

Up for a challenge? You might consider The Master and Margarita, a novel by the Russian master Mikhail Bulgakov. Written in the 1930s but not published until 1967, this book has become an instant classic. Satan visits Stalinist Moscow and has his merry way with the inhabitants. Entwined in this story is the tale of Pontius Pilate and the masterCrucifixion. A third thread tells of the Master, a repressed author not unlike Bulgakov, and his married lover Margarita. Elements of satire, farce, the fantastic, politics, religion, romance, history and philosophy weave their way throughout the book. A large cast of characters includes the talking cat Behemoth, witches on brooms, and Professor Woland--the Devil himself. It is not an easy read, but it is a rewarding one! Oh, and if you ever wondered where The Rolling Stone’s inspiration came for their song “Sympathy for the Devil”—well this is it!

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