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OCTOBER 3, 2012
A Book We Love: Ghost Lights


In Ghost Lights by Lydia Millet,an IRS paper-pusher named Hal has his comfortable life shaken when his wife’s boss disappears during a vacation to Belize. Confronted by evidence that his wife is having an affair, Hal decides to embark on a trip to Belize in search of the missing boss. When he arrives in Central America, Hal discovers that an accident of several years ago, which resulted in his daughter’s paralysis, is the cause for the distance between him and his wife. Written in a casual and vernacular style, Ghost Lights is a summer book for those who like both humor and gravitas in their beach reads.


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posted by Chris, Belmar Library



Julie said, on Oct. 4 at 8:19AM
I recently read a book "The Damn Man' by DeAngelo Demus. It's on Amazon and comes in paperback or Kindle. This book is really good. It's non-fiction based on true stories about extra-marital affairs mostly in the workplace. I give it a two thumbs up and recommend it.


Sean said, on Oct. 4 at 2:33PM
Thanks for the recommendation, Julie. I'll see if we can get JCPL to add the title to our collection!

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