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OCTOBER 1, 2012
Mystery and Coffee

Cleo Coyle, a pen name for a husband and wife team, writes a mystery series featuring a New York coffee house. At the beginning of the series, Clare Cosi has just taken over management of her ex mother-in-law’s coffee house, “The Village Blend.” In all the novels in the series, Clare has a mystery to solve in addition to being manager of the busy coffee shop. Her ex-husband Matt is the coffee bean buyer for the business. Most of the time their business partnership works well. Clare's and Matt’s daughter Joy is featured in some of the novels in the series, but most recently, she has been living in Paris as an intern to a chef.

In the most recent coffeehouse mystery, A Brew to a Kill, Clare witnesses a hit and run that injures a friend right in front of her coffeehouse! The Village Blend has just started a food service truck called the Muffin Muse. Could the fierce competition between the Muffin Muse and the Kupcake Kart be behind the awful hit and run? Or does it have something to do with the drug lord Matt tangled with in South America? Enjoy Clare’s adventures and narrow escapes as she solves the mystery. If you like to bake or try new coffee drinks, you will enjoy finding recipes at the end of each novel in this fun mystery series.


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posted by René, Evergreen Library


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