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SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
Do you know Sookie Stackhouse?

Curious to understand the popularity of the Charlaine Harris books and the True Blood TV series, I decided to try a few.

Frustrated by her telepathic abilities, a gift from her fairy grandfather, Sookie discovers that vampires are the only people whose minds she cannot read. This explains all the “Dead” allusions appearing in the titles of this book series.  It seems the U.S. has finally evolved to accept the vampires as a new minority because of the invention of artificial blood readily available in the market. Somewhere along in the series, werewolves, werefoxes, and werepanthers (the “two-natured”) also come out of the closet. Not surprisingly, the U.S. population still harbors some very vicious prejudice towards those not completely and humanly normal. The plots in this series revolve around the usual foibles of prejudice, power, and revenge. They are a fast-paced, suspenseful and very romantic read.
Here is the order of the series:

1. Dead until dark
2. Living dead in Dallas
3. Club dead
4. Dead to the world
5. Dead as a doornail
6. Definitely dead
7. All together dead
8. From dead to worse
9. Dead and gone
10. Dead in the family
11. Dead reckoning
12. Deadlocked

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posted by Kathy, Evergreen Library


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