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JULY 9, 2012
A Book We Love: White Heat
Is the summer heat getting to you? Cool off with this debut mystery novel set in the icy Artic: White Heat by M.J. McGrath.
On the Canadian island of Ellesmere off the coast of Greenland, half Inuit and half qalunaat (Inuit for outsider) Edie Kiglatuk has lived the Inuit way, learning to hunt seal and bear at a young age. At 35, she’s a recovering alcoholic and working as a part-time teacher and hunting guide to white hunters. She hopes to help her stepson, Joe, fulfill his dream of becoming a nurse.
white heat 
While Edie is guiding some alleged duck hunters, one of them is shot and killed. The village elders rule it as an accident, fearing outside interference from authorities. But Edie saw footprints in the snow and contacts police sergeant, Derek Palliser, and they both suspect murder.
Shortly after that, Edie is shocked by the death of her stepson. Although it seems unrelated, her intuition tells her there is a connection to the hunter’s death. With or without Palliser, Edie is determined to find out who killed Joe – a path leading her to an international energy conspiracy and putting her right in the killer’s sights.

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