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JUNE 27, 2012
Remembering Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury’s passing has renewed public interest in his life and worayrk, and you might be interested in a few insightful books on the man.
Weller got to know Bradbury in the last ten years of his life and became, by his own account, the son Bradbury never had. This is a warm biography of the writer that nevertheless reveals a few surprising warts and is an enjoyable read.
This is a vibrant and fun look at Bradbury’s life, featuring numerous reproductions of the movie captures, paintings, and photos taken from his works and influences.
Weller follows up his earlier book with this colleray2ction of personal interviews he conducted with Bradbury. This is the author at his most forthright, and covers topics ranging from his childhood to politics and sexuality.    
Becoming Ray Bradbury by Jonathan Eller 
This book is a bit more scholarly, a great mix of literary criticism and extrapolation and critical biography. It’s got a lot of depth without being overbearing and theoretical. The author is the Director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at Indiana University. You can get the book through Prospector.

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