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JUNE 21, 2012
A Book We Love: Nothing Daunted

Nothing daunted: the unexpected education of two society girls in the West by Dorothy Wickenden is the charming story of two East Coast society women who went to Colorado to teach in 1916. I thought I’d find the history of this book the most interesting, but I really connected with Dorothy Woodruff and Rosamond Underwood, the subjects of this tale. They were lovely, open-minded women who embraced the opportunity as an adventure and had a great deal of respect for the folks they met. Through the eyes of these outsiders, you get a brief glimpse of life led by early settlers in Colorado.

Told by the granddaughter of Dorothy Woodruff, Ms. Wickenden was able to tell the story of her grandmother and best friend through the many letters the women wrote (and a few pictures) and with a great deal of research on the Northwest area of Colorado during this time.

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posted by PJ, Wheat Ridge



Suzyq said, on Jul. 11 at 3:13PM
Uh, that would be "a brief glimpse of life," right?


Sean, Standley Lake Library said, on Jul. 11 at 3:44PM
Thanks for catching that mistake, Suzyq! I've changed the entry to correct it.

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