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MAY 13, 2012
The (Fictional) Country Life for Me

Many of us living here in Colorado are transplants from across the U.S. Within this group, there are more than a few who originate from the small towns, cities, and farms that dot the map across the country. If you’re a rural transplant (or even if you’re not) and find yourself pining for a taste of small town life now and then, give one of these novels a try.

North of Hope by Jon Hassler
North of Hope tells the story of a Catholic priest working on an Ojibway reservation in the woods of northern Minnesota. After being away twenty years, Father Healy requests assignment to his home parish where he comes face to face with his past, including a woman he once loved and now must find a way to protect.

Nightwoods by Charles Frazier
Set in rural North Carolina, Nightwoods is the story of Luce, a young woman who takes over the care of her sister’s troubled twins after her murder. The impact that the two children have on her life, combined with the vibrant and descriptive setting of the Appalachian woods, make this a suspenseful but poetic story.

South of Superior by Ellen Airgood
Madeline is a young woman who leaves her busy life in Chicago in order to relocate to the U.P. of Michigan to care for an aging relative and ends up being forever changed by the events and personalities in her new hometown. South of Superior is a touching story of friendship and community.

The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard
This novel, set in small-town Kansas, revolves around three families and a mysterious murder that turns into local legend. This story provides page-turning suspense combined with the complicated ties and relationships inherent to rural life.

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