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APRIL 9, 2012
A Book We Love: The Wave
Readers should check out:
Colossal waves wreak havoc around the world every year and the consequences of their destruction reverberate around the globe. Scientists studying the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan have determined that not one, but two tsunami waves hit the Fukushimi Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011. 
However, some people like big wave surfer Laird Hamilton seek out these 70 to 80 ft. water giants. Susan Casey, editor for O Magazine, traveled the world with big wave surfers to watch them risk their lives to ride monster waves. She takes us into the past for historic reconstructions of rogue wave destruction. Her interviews with scientists studying the effects of global warming point out that it will likely spawn more big waves in the future. 
Casey seamlessly weaves the science with evocative descriptions of the beauty, power and pull of the ocean. Anyone with even a slight interest in the ocean is sure to enjoy this fascinating book.
And for a thrilling look at big wave surfing, check out the 2010 documentary film



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posted by Judy, Belmar Library


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