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APRIL 2, 2012
The Narrator Makes the Audiobook Experience

Probably anyone who enjoys listening to audiobooks, whether it’s an occasional thing, or a continual loop on the car CD player, has run across an audiobook that they thought they would really like, but just couldn’t seem to get into. It’s possible that the narrator just wasn’t working in that particular version. To carry that idea a little further, it’s quite likely that if you enjoyed listening to a book read by a certain narrator that you may enjoy others read by that narrator, too. Jefferson County Public Library allows you to search the catalog for audiobooks read by a particular person using the narrator’s name in place of the author. Locate the narrator’s name from the description or packaging and then create an author search in the library catalog. Remember to put the last name first, followed by the first name—i.e. “Porter, Davina.” Happy listening!

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posted by Emily, Columbine Library



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