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MARCH 16, 2012
Armchair Traveling Through Celtic History & Lands

The life of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated every March and helps usher in spring. If you’re interested in Ireland and the early Celts, JCPL offers some great reading and DVD-viewing! Look for the following and enjoy some armchair traveling to the Celtic past.
St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland (DVD). Filmed on location in Ireland & includes interviews with experts on Irish history. This DVD separates fact from fiction regarding Ireland’s patron saint.

The Ancient Celts by Barry Cunliffe
The archaeological story of the Celts has been found everywhere from the British Isles to most of Europe and even Western Asia. The Greeks called them “keltoi”–“strangers.” The author’s expertise shines through the text which is richly enhanced by photos, maps and illustrations.

The World of the Celts by Simon James.
The ferocious Celts, feared by the Romans and others, dominated much of Europe for five centuries until they were absorbed into the Roman Empire. This marvelous book is richly illustrated and covers Celtic crafts and arts, their gods and legends, their lands and lifestyle. The author discusses new research and corrects much misinformation that has been presented as fact.

The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of Celtic Myth and Spirit by Patricia Monaghan. 
Part history, part travel memoir, this enchanting book is a spiritual journey into Ireland’s pagan past. Monaghan discovered her Irish roots by traveling through her ancestral country, tracing the pagan calendar of the Celtic year. A lyrical tribute to Ireland and its past.

What Life was Like Among Druids and High Kings: Celtic Ireland, AD 400 – 1200.
Part of a Time-Life series on different eras in history, this book does not disappoint. While not as in-depth as the books mentioned above, it is beautifully illustrated and gives the reader an excellent overview of how the

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