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MARCH 1, 2012
We interrupt this reading list...

You might notice that the icon for Personalized Reading Recommendations is missing above. 

Thanks for being a user of Jefferson County Public Library’s Personalized Reading Recommendations (PRR) service. It proved to be a popular tool, so much so that library staff, faced with limited resources, has had difficulty keeping up with the demand. After much thought, we decided we need to take a three-month break from the PRR service to re-evaluate, and we hope to come back with a condensed form of customized readers’ advisory that will meet your needs. In the meantime, we encourage you to take advantage of the many recommendation services provided on the For Book Lovers page of our website, including our Books and Beyond blog.

Stay tuned for an update in May and thank you for reading with us.

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posted by Joanna, Standley Lake Library



Idgie said, on Mar. 1 at 1:56PM
Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have personally enjoyed the PPR service and found it to be an exciting thrill and valuable service. It's been such a pleasure. Thank you again for helping me find new authors and books that are to my liking.


Emily said, on Mar. 1 at 2:00PM
Thank you for your kind words about the PRR service. Staff members have really enjoyed working on these!


ReadsALot said, on Mar. 10 at 10:49AM
The PRR service is so valuable. The recommendations have been awesome. Everyone deserves a break - but hopefully this is not another great service that doesn't come back. Just know that the service was/is terrific and valuable.


Joanna said, on Mar. 13 at 8:43AM
And thank you for your kind words, too, ReadsALot! It's great to hear that it was appreciated, and we really hope to come back too.

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