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FEBRUARY 14, 2012
Magazines for Dog Lovers
We all know there are plenty of books on dogs out there to read. The library has everything from true dog stories--think Marley and Me  -- to novels -- The Art of Racing in the Rain  -- to how-to books -- try Chihuahuas for Dummies or Barron’s Dog Training Bible. But what if you don’t have the time to read a whole book? Maybe you are just looking for something quick to entertain or to inform? The library subscribes to a number of titles you may be interested in. Older issues can be checked out, while the very newest ones are available to read in the library. Here are four titles of interest:

The Bark: Dog is My Co-Pilot is a magazine that looks at life with dogs. There’s poetry and fiction, essays and art in each issue. Plenty of non-fiction articles describe how dogs and humans relate, whether it is as family pets or service animals. A recent issue discusses lessons from sheepdogs as well as budget ways to travel with your pet (how about a home exchange?).

The Whole Dog Journal looks a bit like a newsletter. The focus is on natural dog care and training. Want to know if the dog food you’re using is healthy? There are in-depth, unbiased articles on food and treats, as well as on toys and equipment. Useful articles on health and training issues are written with a holistic view of pet ownership.

Dog Fancy may be the best-known magazine on dogs, and has been around for many years. It carries articles on specific breeds as well as information on lots of other things. Dog Fancy calls itself the “authority on anything dog.” It has lots of pictures.

American Dog profiles the lives of individual dogs and also covers anything related to caring for and enjoying them. This magazine does more advocating on dog-related social issues than the others. A great source for “human interest” stories on dogs, with photography as well as informative articles.

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