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JANUARY 10, 2012
2012 – The Year In Books

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Michel de Nostradame here. That’s Nostradamus for short. Boy, what an incredible year 2012 was! I can’t believe Alcorn State University won the NCAA basketball championship. No one could have seen that one coming (except yours truly). And don’t even get me started on the election. Hello, President Rick Santorum!
You don’t know it yet, but 2012 is going to absolutely gob-smack you in a lot of ways, and none more so than the number of excellent books that come out this year. Who would have thought that James Patterson could publish ten new novels in twelve months? It’s like the guy has a team of people who just write books under his name or something!
But you don’t have to be moi to predict some of the big authors from previous years will be just as big in the future. No, it takes a real seer—such as myself–to give you the lowdown on the future must-reads. So heed my advice now and you won’t end up being number 350 in line for a library book with only 10 copies. I, the big N, the Man Who Reads Tomorrow, the Seer without Peer, proudly present my can’t-miss, must-get, sure-thing forthcoming book list of 2012. You’ll thank me for this (I’ve already seen you do it). Some of these are so far out there the library doesn’t even have a catalog record for it yet, so be sure to check back.

Killer Crullers: A Donut Shop Mystery – Mysteries involving donut shops? Your eyes won’t glaze over.

No One is Here Except All of Us – Intriguing look at how a Jewish village in Romania deals with the impending horror of the Nazis.

Some Assembly Required  – Fascinating examination of a mother dealing with the reality of her first son having his first son.

The Forever Fix – Narrative science at his best with this look at gene therapy and childhood illnesses.

The Red House  – Ever had a terrible family reunion full of estrangement and guilt? The family in this novel is still worse than yours.

Talulla Rising – This is the sequel to Glen Duncan’s 2011 world-weary novel, The Last Werewolf. Literate, hipper-than-thou horror at its best.

Waiting for Sunrise – Suspenseful historical thriller set in early 20th century Vienna featuring a young actor and lots of Freudian weirdness.

I’m signing off for now. Before I go, you should know that the winning lotto numbers are 5, 28, 41, 3, 62, 01, and 7. And if you hit it big, think about making a charitable donation to the Jefferson County Public Library system. Even I can’t tell if it’ll be around next year.

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