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JANUARY 8, 2012
A Book We Love: The Story of Beautiful Girl

The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon, 2011

This novel tells the story of a beautiful developmentally disabled woman (Lynnie) and a deaf mute African American man (Homan), residents of a dismal warehouse institution for the enfeebled. They escape one night and make it to the home of a retired school teacher. We discover Lynnie has just given birth. The institution comes after them, recapturing Lynnie while Homan escapes. Just before Lynnie is taken back into the “School,” she asks the teacher to hide her baby. The story continues in 5 voices: the Lynnie, Homan, the teacher, the baby, and the social worker who helps them all. It could be a depressing story were it not for the intellectual and character growth of all the personalities.



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posted by Joanna, Standley Lake Library



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