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JANUARY 4, 2012
January is International Creativity Month

Enhance Your Creativity

Are you an artist whose creative life is in need of a little excitement and rejuvenation? January is International Creativity Month, a perfect excuse to carve out time for yourself and focus on your creative abilities. The following books can help you release your full creative potential and inspire you to continue on your own creative path. 

The artist's way: a spiritual path to higher creativity by Julia Cameron
The Artist’s Way is an international bestseller filled with helpful creative exercises, inspirational quotes, and plenty of advice on how to nurture your creativity. Although Cameron is an author this book is not limited to writers, it can help any creative artists – painters, dancers, actors, and musicians alike.

Art as a way of life edited and illustrated by Roderick MacIver
Art as a Way of Life is a beautiful book filled with watercolor paintings and quotes about creativity. Although the book is geared toward painters, the quotes and art can serve as inspiration for any artist.

Coaching the artist within: advice for writers, actors, visual artists & musicians from America's foremost creativity coach by Eric Maisel
Coaching the Artist Within is filled with helpful examples and exercises for artists of all creative stripes. The book is broken down into twelve skills which serve as important and supportive lessons for artists.

The creative habit: learn it and use it for life: a practical guide by Twyla Tharp, with Mark Reiter
The Creative Habit is written by a well-known choreographer, although it is not just for dancers. The book includes some of Ms. Tharp’s own struggles to create as well as several exercises and discussion about the nature of creativity itself.

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