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FEBRUARY 15, 2013
Next time you're at the library- try a magazine

I love to read magazines when I'm relaxing. Sitting in a cozy corner with a new issue is a treat!  I am always looking for inspiration- whether it's for exercise or crafting or sports, there is something for everyone in a magazine.  It's great that the library gives me access to so many magazines without having to subscribe to them. You save a ton of money and don't have to deal with the clutter!

Did you know that the back issues of all our magazines check-out on your library card?

We have a wide variety for children (and grown-ups) of all ages. Here are just some of the magazines we have available.

Mom's and Dad's, did you know that magazines are great for reluctant readers?

With their colorful illustrations and photographs they are immediately engaging. Each magazine focuses on a particular subject, so the reader can concentrate on what they are most interested in. The articles are short and to the point and this can help children who might be overwhelmed with reading an entire book. There are so many different magazine subjects, it's easy to find one that is fun. When reading is enjoyed and no longer viewed as a chore or an assignment, children begin to become life-long readers.

So, next time you're at the library, try a magazine!

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posted by Connie, Lakewood Library

Category: Magazines


DECEMBER 1, 2012
Who doesn't love magazines?

Winter break is coming up and maybe you want to put the books aside and read something that is just pure fun! Magazines may be the answer for those days where you can only grab a few minutes here and there between holiday shopping and family time.


Did you know magazines at the library check out?

We have magazines that appeal to any interest. If you are an animal lover check out National Geographic Kids or Ranger Rick. Looking for the latest in fashions or fun things to do with your friends? Try Discovery Girls or Kiki. Mom may enjoy the great ideas in Family Fun and the younger members of the family will love our Disney Junior and Disney Princess magazines.

What magazines do you read?

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posted by Marcy, Belmar

Category: Magazines


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