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MARCH 10, 2013
Running out of time? Try one of our databases!

Do you need to find information for a school assignment, but you can't get to the library? Did you know that JCPL has an online library that is 24 X 7?

We do!  We subscribe, pay for, many databases on all kinds of topics.  These databases may include word for word text from some of our reference books. They may also include full text magazine and newspaper articles.  Here are a few that I recommend regularly:

Biography in Context

If you need information on a person -- even people you may not find a full book on, there is a good chance that you can find that person in this database.

God, Goddesses and Mythology

If you are looking for a specific god or goddess from Roman, Greek or other mythologies, or if you just want to look up a god or goddess from one of the Percy Jackson books, this is the place to look.

Science in Context

Try this one if you working on a science experiment or maybe your are just looking for a science related news article.

For information on a wide variety of topics with great pictures, maps, and tables check out World Book Discover.  With more than 70 subscription databases, information on your topic may be just a click or two away.

To use these, all you need is a library card.  You can find a full list of our databases by clicking on Homework Help on the left side of this page.  To use the databases from home just enter your user name (the last name on your card). Password is your library card number! 

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posted by Rhoda, Belmar Library


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