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JANUARY 17, 2013
Do you love animals?

If so, you should check out these true animal stories with amazing photographs.

A Friend For Einstein: The Smallest Stallion by Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wagner

This is the story of a mini miniature horse named Einstein who weighed no more than a cat and stood about as tall as a cereal box when he was born. Too little to play with the rest of the herd, Einstein is lonely until he meets a dog named Lilly and the two become great friends.

Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships by Catherine Thimmesh

Check out this book to see some amazing and unusual animal friends. Would you ever think that a dog and leopard would be pals? How about a frog and a mouse or a pig and a camel? Each photograph has a story that goes along with it, explaining how the unlikely animal pairs became buddies.

Kate and Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story  by Martin Springett

This is the story of how a Great Dane named Kate becomes a mother to a little lost fawn called Pippin. Pippin is found in the woods abandoned by her mother. After three days of being unclaimed by her real mother, Kate’s owner takes her in and Kate begins to care for her like her own puppy.

Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle by Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson, and Mary Nethery

Nubs was a wild dog in Iraq before he befriended a Marine named Brian Dennis. Brian is not allowed to keep Nubs so he raises money to send him to the U.S. to live a safer life in Brian’s home in San Diego. Read this story to find out what happens!

Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship told by Isabella Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff, and Paula Kahumbu

In this true tale, a baby hippo named Owen becomes separated from his mother in a flood. He is brought into shore and taken to an animal sanctuary called Haller Park and is placed in a habitat with a tortoise names Mzee, who isn’t too happy about it at first. Soon, however, the two become very close friends and can even be seen snuggling up against one another at night.

Tarra and Bella: The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends by Carol Buckley

This is the story of a retired circus elephant named Tarra and her life in an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. Here she prefers to stay away from the other elephants and generally likes to be alone. A stray dog named Bella comes to the sanctuary and the two are soon inseparable. They eat together and sleep together and when Bella suffers a spinal injury her elephant companion watches over her until she is nursed back to health.

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posted by Rachel, Golden Library


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