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NOVEMBER 16, 2012
John Flanagan, Australian author

Are you looking for adventure in another place and time? Well, then you must read John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series and the spinoff, The Brotherband Chronicles.

These two series take place in a combination of Medieval and Viking Times. The main characters are orphans and misfits who are taken under the wings of some of the powerful men in their countries. The young men are involved in battles against bullies, strange creatures, invading armies and even pirates! Ranger's Apprentice starts with The Ruins of Gorlan. There are eleven books in this series. After you've read these you may want to read the first book in the spinoff series, The Outcasts.

If you've read these, did you have a favorite character or book?

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posted by Rhoda, Belmar Library

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Simon said, on Nov. 20 at 11:12AM
SPOILER ALERT I've read the Ranger's Apprentice books, and I personally liked the first book best. It was full of fresh ideas and fantasy and had an incredible writing style. But I noticed that after the first few books, the mystical beasts like the Kalkara and Wargals disappeared. Also, as the series progressed, I feel that Flanagan was afraid to do anything that the audience wouldn't like, like when he wasted the whole ninth book on Halt being poisoned, then he ends up surviving. I certainly wouldn't have liked it if Halt had died, but it would definitely have made me like the series a lot more because it would have the right mix of happy and sad moments. But the part that I COULD NOT STAND was at the end of The Lost Stories, where they all get married and live happily ever after. BORING. Way to do what NOBODY expected, Flanagan(sarcasm very much intended).


Children's Blogger said, on Nov. 24 at 1:43PM
Thanks for the comment and your review! It's nice to hear from someone who's read these. Are you going to read the Brotherband Chronicles?

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