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NOVEMBER 3, 2012
Let’s hear it for Nursery Rhymes!

Three little kittens and other favorite nursery rhymes

“Hey diddle diddle______________”….can you fill in the rest of this rhyme?  Do you have favorite rhymes or Mother Goose stories you remember from your childhood?

This simple form of storytelling has been used in England, North America, and many European countries for centuries.  Many of the rhymes had hidden political or religious messages, but all of them were used to convey language and a sense of “story” to very young children.

Did you know, nursery rhymes can help your toddlers become ready to read?
1.  Children hear new words, and new ways of making sentences from nursery rhymes.

2.  The cadence and repetition of rhymes help kids remember and repeat what they know.  When your child has become familiar with the rhyme, you will be able to read part, and they will recite the rest to you, giving them the happy sense that they are “reading”.

3.  Many rhymes are also little stories that help children understand and remember a series of events.

Since you already know many of these rhymes from YOUR childhood, it is an easy way for you to share literacy with your children by reciting the rhymes to them.  There are also great books available in the libraries that allow you to share the words and pictures with them during reading time.

At Belmar's Toddler Time each week, we have a Nursery Rhyme Time where we read, sing and act out our favorite stories.  We often use books from the Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes Series published by The Child’s World.  

We recommend any of the books in this series. There are many other great nursery rhyme books to share.  Your librarians will be happy to help you find them!

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