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SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed was actually born John Chapman on September 26, 1774. So why is he called Johnny Appleseed?  As the pioneers were starting to move west he traveled just ahead of them and planted thousands of apple seeds so they would grow into apple trees that could provide food for the settlers as they arrived.

To celebrate his birthday try these rhymes and crafts and create your own fun with apples:

"Eat an Apple"
Eat an apple; (bring hand to mouth)
Save the core. (cup both hands together)
Plant the seeds (bend down and touch hands to ground)
And grow some more! (stand up tall and extend both arms up and out)

(Adapted from Move Over Mother Goose by Ruth I. Dowell)

"Johnny Appleseed Song"
(sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
Plant, plant the apple seeds,
Plant them in a row,
Just like Johnny Appleseed did,
Many years ago.

Water, water, the apple seeds,
Watch them grow and grow,
Just like Johnny Appleseed did,
Many years ago.

Walk through the apple trees,
Walk through them fast and slow,
Just like Johnny Appleseed did,
Many years ago.

Pick, pick the apples ripe,
Pick them high and low,
Just like Johnny Appleseed did,
Many years ago.
(From Yankee Doodle Birthday Celebrations by Elizabeth McKinnon)

Apple Prints
Cut an apple in half and let it dry for an hour or so. Then lightly coat the cut side with paint and stamp on a piece of paper. Try some different colors - red, yellow or green for different kinds of apples.

Thumbprint Apple Trees
Make a tree out of construction paper or draw one with markers.  Then use a washable red ink or paint pad to press your thumb in and make thumbprint apples on the tree.

And of course you can stop by the library to get a book or DVD about Johnny Appleseed!

Do you have other ideas to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's Birthday?  Please share them!

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